Hello & Welcome to Afterthoughts from WestCoastMeshFighter.  My name is Michelle and in 2009 I had a Transvaginal Mesh Implant, you can read my full story on the “My Story” page.

christinia mesh awareness campaign

I started my blog, westcoastmeshfighter.com, at the suggestion of another Mesh Warrior, Christina Lynn Brajcic, Chrissy the FAB, from Canada.  It was because of her support, love, and encouragement, that i found a voice.  My Journey covers over 10 years of living and dealing with the underlining side effects that come with having a Medical Mesh Device.  This has lead to starting support pages across multiple social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

I have been on Two Mesh Retreats (2018) & have met amazing, strong, Mesh Sisters, and I am continuing to learn everyday.  Please feel free to browse through my new blog layout, I am still working on adding to it.


The more information on the dangers of Medical Mesh devices we can share, the stronger we can become together.  There are two more Medical Mesh Implants, Hernia & Bladder.  I will support those who are suffering from the hands of a medical mesh device.  Thank you all so much for all your love and support, I couldn’t do this without you.  Stay Strong Mesh Warriors.


Michelle Hedgcoth



#MeshHacks –

Many Mesh Injured Patients have suffered at the hands of a Medical Mesh Device.  I have spent a high amount of money on over the counter medical products not covered by my insurance.  I have found some ideas that has worked and some that have not.  I am starting #MeshHacks to share this information with you.

We are stronger together –

The Mesh Chronicles


Coming Soon…..