How having an Emotional Support Animal can help with TVM side effects, Depression, Anxiety, and Loneliness.

Introducing my Emotional Support Animal, Romeo Hello everyone, good evening or good morning to you.  I thought since it’s Friday later today, I didn’t want to get into the heavy … Continue reading How having an Emotional Support Animal can help with TVM side effects, Depression, Anxiety, and Loneliness.

TVM and my life today, I can honestly say that my life became a whirlwind when the side effects started sending me to the hospital and seeing doctors to try and figure out how to help me with the excruciating pelvic pain and more. As of now, I can’t walk more than a residential block, my pain covers all my abdominal area, low back, and more. I don’t know what is worse, having a medical device ruin your life, or continuing with the same issues as you had before the surgery. I will be posting videos, pictures, food changing options, information from other mesh warriors who live everyday with a big ??? That is how I feel, helpless, lost, uncertain. I hope that somehow I can having a quality of life without fighting pain everyday. I am not giving up, just making adjustments along the way. God Bless Mesh Angels and their loved ones. Mrs. M Hedgcoth, #westcoastmeshfighter.

Hello, my name is Mrs. Michelle Hedgcoth and I had a medical device, Transvaginal Mesh (TVM) Implant in 2009 to correct (POP), pelvic organ prolapse. This happened about 5-6 years, after my third child was born. I started this blog is to share information on how my quality of life has changed, the daily challenges I deal with, and to help others who are struggling with mesh side effects. My TVM has been recalled off the market by the manufacturer and the FDA in 2011 revised their stance on the products, saying “serious complications associated with surgical mesh for transvaginal repair of POP are not rare.” This is my story…..I thought I was alone for so long, and because of the time that has past I am approaching my blog with both past, present, and future posts of how life has changed for me, how the public is handling this and based on freedom of the press, sharing information collected online for the sole purpose to help others who are suffering and feeling alone, I stand up against mesh.