Hello, my name is Mrs. Michelle Hedgcoth and I had a medical device, Transvaginal Mesh (TVM) Implant in 2009 to correct (POP), pelvic organ prolapse. This happened about 5-6 years, after my third child was born. I started this blog is to share information on how my quality of life has changed, the daily challenges I deal with, and to help others who are struggling with mesh side effects. My TVM has been recalled off the market by the manufacturer and the FDA in 2011 revised their stance on the products, saying “serious complications associated with surgical mesh for transvaginal repair of POP are not rare.” This is my story…..I thought I was alone for so long, and because of the time that has past I am approaching my blog with both past, present, and future posts of how life has changed for me, how the public is handling this and based on freedom of the press, sharing information collected online for the sole purpose to help others who are suffering and feeling alone, I stand up against mesh.

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  1. Michelle, I have been looking for someone who is fighting this war with me. We have ALL the same issues. The fight is real! I had to quit work, approved for disability in 4 months, unheard of! The symptoms are endless and still waiting for the pathetic settlement. I too had my surgery in 2009, erosion repair in 2010. No one understands, I feel alone fighting this daily and trying to find joy to keep me pushing through is becoming more challenging.

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    • Hi Robin, I am so sorry to hear about what you have been through, it’s really tough, the worst part is it’s lifetime. I have had to wait almost 3 years for a court date that I should have gotten immediately after my temp disability benefits ran out. I lost my Job, and I live in poverty, it’s so sad. I am not giving up, hopeing for a resolution to disability, don’t understand what’s taking so long and why with me. I am suffering everyday, it’s horrible. Please contact anytime regarding mesh, I am an advocate for Patients, family and friends. My goal is to raise awareness here so funds can be to help displaced families because of this horrible device. God Bless and I am on social media, I am in the fight everyday.
      ps.. I am sorry this too so long to respond too, I am still getting used to the wordpress format.


    • Robin, first I want to say thank you for reaching out, it’s really difficult because of how alone you end up feeling and no one really understands you unless they either have it or has a loved one close to them who is experiencing these real issues. I have updated more blog posts please stop by and give it a read. I recently talked about my medical journey in a more detailed way. blessings and hugs. Michelle Hedgcoth co founder of westcoastmeshfighter


    • Hello Robin, I am so sorry I wasn’t able to reply before, until i upgraded my WordPress account, but I want u to know you are not alone ever and I am available and up for fighting against this mesh mess with you. Please feel free to contact me and we can figure out how we can fight this great fight together. Love and Blessings and I will look for you on social media too if you are on there. Hugs to you Robin. Michelle Hedgcoth, westcoastmeshfighter.com #wearestrongertogether, #tvmwarriorandsurvivor


  2. Hello Michelle, thank you so much for what you are doing. My hell started with a mesh bladder sling I had implanted on 8-29-19. I started having problems right away. My doctor ignored me & that led me to do my own research. I found Dr. Kim at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA. She found my problem right away & I had mesh removal & reconstruction surgery just 3 weeks ago. It’s been a very painful journey but I’m staying hopeful. I highly recommend UCLA medical center.

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    • Hi Stephaney, I am so sorry to hear about your struggles with a bladder mesh implant. It’s extremely painful, I am happy you found Dr Kim right away and had your removal surgery. Sending you warm wishes and blessings for a swift recovery. Contact me anytime, Blessings and love to you!!!


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