Hello & Welcome to Afterthoughts from WestCoastMeshFighter.  My name is Michelle and in 2009 I had a Transvaginal Mesh Implant, (you can read my full story on the “My Story” page}.

I started my blog at the suggestion of another Mesh Warrior.  My Journey covers over 10 years of living and dealing with the underlining side effects that come with having a Medical Mesh Device.  This has lead to starting a support page on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

I have been on Two Mesh Retreats, met amazing, strong, Mesh Sisters, and I am continuing to learn everyday.  Please feel free to browse through my new blog layout, I am still working on adding to it.

The more information on the dangers of a Medical Mesh device we can share, the stronger we can become together.  Thank you all so much & Stay Strong Mesh Warriors.


Michelle Hedgcoth


#MeshHacks –

Many Mesh Injured Patients have suffered at the hands of a Medical Mesh Device.  I have spent a high amount of money on over the counter medical products not covered by my insurance.  I have found some ideas that has worked and some that have not.  I am starting #MeshHacks to share this information with you.

We are stronger together –

The Mesh Chronicles


Coming Soon…..