Chronic Pain: Swimming Therapy — Looking For The Light

Most people don’t think of Mental Illness when discussing Chronic Pain. Mental Illness can be physically debilitating with many spending large amounts of time in bed. For someone like me who is challenged by both, daily life can be difficult. Today I’m in bed juggling my laptop on one knee trying to avoid the […]

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WestCoastMeshFighter Celebrates 2yrs.

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Afterthoughts for WestCoastMeshFighter!  As Always I post a disclosure that I am not a lawyer, doctor, or representing anyone, I am a patient and everything that I talk about is based on my own experiences.

My new blog layout Is still under construction.  There is still a few area’s I am working on, to still be able to bring together all the content that my prior blog layout had & my blog posts should be appearing on my new page “From the Desk of WestCoastMeshFighter”.  On, this new page, should mirror my posts, along with social media links, video, photo gallery and some of my recent posts.  You can also access some these items in my foot as well.

I have also added 2 additional pages, The Mesh Chronicles & #MeshHacks coming soon.  My goal is to become more interactive with Mesh Patients who are writing thier story’s, sharing experiences.  I already follow several amazing blogs and would like to follow more.  I have always found it comfortable to write out my experiences, do vlogs, & connect on social media.  Getting in front of a camera, speaking directly, still working on that.

I do hope everyone finds this new layout helpful.  I will be adding more content in the following weeks to come.  Summer is here and I can’t wait to try out some of my idea’s that could help mesh patients cope with underlying side effects because of a pelvic mesh device.

WCMF Blog header 6 2019

Thank you everyone for your continued support, I couldn’t do any of this without you all.  There is still one more Vlog for Pain Management, I am working with new software that has set me back a bit, however I will still get it posted soon.

If by sharing my story helps just 1 patient or more, it’s worth it to tell.  It’s been a hard road since my surgery, somehow I am finding the strength to try to rise above the obstacles.  Until Next Time, Stay Strong Mesh Warriors.

Michelle Hedgcoth, Founder: WestCoastMeshFighter
Blogger/Writer, Graphic Designer, Mesh Awareness Advocate & Humanitarian
Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday. 6227ff8d-d35c-4280-940c-b7e3a096f6aa

WestCoastMeshFighter 6-7-2019

Upcoming events, updated blog site – living with a Pelvic Mesh Device


Hello and welcome to WestCoastMeshFighter, Afterthoughts.  There are a few updates coming soon.  First I always post a disclosure, I am not a lawyer, Doctor, or anyone representing a professional, however I am a patient and everything I talk about is based on my own experiences.

First, I am still dealing with hive outbreaks and I see my Internal Medicine, Allergist, and Pain Management alone with my regular appointment on Tuesdays.  It’s going to be a busy week, however this Thursday I will be wrapping up my Docuseries  on Pain Management.  When I first Started it, I had no idea it would lead to becoming 6 parts.  If you haven’t checked out my Vlog, on my YouTube Channel, please do there and watch them.  I discuss in depth, my Journey to Pain Management.  If you have any questions, please message me.   It would really help if you like, comment and share them.  Thank You so much.

I will be starting more new series content in the summer months.  As we come closer to summer, I wanted to focus on medications that can affect you if you are out in the sun.  With me continuing to get hives, I have to stay in a temperature controlled room.  Not to hot and not to cold, I start to feel sick anytime this happens, with the heat, I swell and with the cold, I cramp up all over.  Along with battling UTI’s, Bacterial Infections, etc.  The pain is never ending, however we have to live as normal as a life as we can.

The first is called #MeshHacks, featured on my Instagram & Twitter platforms, westcoastmeshfightet.  I would love to hear about different things we can do in our everyday life, if you submit your mesh hack, then i will feature it in a slide show with credit to you.  If it may help a mesh patient at home, this would be a great idea on how to share the information.  The next is going to be called “The Mesh Cornicles” which I will be posting on here on my blog.  There are so many experiences that I have gone through before I made it to where i am today.  There are so many highs and lows, I still have very hard days & knowing that there are 100,000’s of Mesh Patients worldwide that suffer because of a Medical Mesh Device, I hope by sharing my Journey, it can help someone.

I am still brainstorming a third idea to explore.  If you have any suggestions on what my next topic should be on my next blog or Vlog post, please email them to me at  There are only 1, maybe 2 more vlogs left on my Pain Management Series, please visit my YouTube Channel, put westcoastmeshfighter in the search field and it will come up.

There are so many idea’s that I have, as long as it’s helping patients, I will write or vlog about it.  Thank you all so much for your continued love & support.  I just recently lost my little LuLu Luna, (pictured above) she was a feral kitten from next door, we rescued her after her sister was killed.  I have no idea what happened to her, she passed away in my arms.

I will be publishing new content every week, so please hit your subscribe or follow me button for future blog posts.  Thank you all so much for your continued love and support.  I couldn’t do this without you all.  Stay Strong Mesh Warriors, Many blessings.

Michelle Hedgcoth, Founder -WestCoastMeshFighter


Pain Management Vlog Docuseries

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Afterthoughts for Westcoastmeshfighter.  I am not a doctor/lawyer, I am a patient & everything I talk about is based on my own experiences.  I have been working on the next vlog and because of the length, I am splitting it up into two videos due to the length of them together.  I am trying to keep my video’s between 8-10 minutes.  The first part should posted by Saturday Night/Sunday morning, 5-18-2019.

I am still dealing with hives.  I am on my third round of prednisone, hopefully the hives can disappear. Yesterday, i started feel my tougue and throat sore, but it wasen’t a typical sore throat.  I almost had to use my EPI pen. After taking some benedryl, the swelling went down.  I am very tired, extremely fatigued,  just exhausted and it seems like I can’t catch a break.

Please look for my latest videos on my YouTube Channel:  westcoastmeshfighter. Docuseries on Pain Management,  or my beginning video’s when i first started.  Thank you all for your continued love & support.

Michelle Hedgcoth


May is Mesh Awareness Month -Living with A Transvaginal Mesh Implant Complications

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a good week.  I wanted to make a quick post but first as always the disclosure clause.  I am not a doctor, lawyer, or medical or legal professional, everything I talk about is based on my own experiences.  I have a long career history with 2 college degree’s and since at the age of 43 yrs, disabled, I spend a lot of my down time blogging and vlogging in the high hopes that it can help anyone who is suffering at the hands of the Medical Mesh Device.

I am still doing the Pain Management Docuseries, my apologies for not having it posted on Thursday 5/2/2019.  May 1st, 2019 was International Mesh Awareness Day and I was asked to a Video Project for it.  I know I wasn’t able to get everyone that has been impacted, however I want you to know my thoughts, love, and prayers are with you all.  If you would like to see the video’s you can go to my YouTube Channel and see them on the play list, The International Mesh Awareness Day Project.  I ended up doing 3 video’s total.   Here is the link:

Doing this project was very emotional as I saw how many patients were impacted by a Medical Mesh Implant.  I cried a lot during this project.  I was contacted by counties that i had no idea had patients suffering.  It also reminded me of the big Trip (carnival cruise) I took last year with amazing Mesh Sisters.  Also Lake Tahoe last year, was a lot of fun, however I was battling Hives and I felt really lost and miserable, however I enjoyed meeting new mesh sisters.

mesh retreat sept 2019 lake tahoe, ca

Meeting these amazing lady’s was my favorite part of these trips.  I will remember this time always.  I know that a lot of us are not well, my love, prayers, and hugs are with us all as we continue to fight the big fight.  Getting all Mesh Devices Banned from the market Worldwide.  I will be posting a new video by this Thursday 5/9/2019.  If I can, I will be posting two due the week the was skipped.

Thank you all so much for your love and support, I couldn’t do this without you all.  Take care of yourselves, we are needed everyday by our families, mesh communities, and our healthcare.  Many blessings and love.

Michelle Hedgcoth, Founder of Westcoastmeshfighter


Vaginal Mesh & Pain Management

Hello Everyone,

Hello and welcome to Afterthoughts for westcoastmeshfighter.  As always I post a disclosure that I am not a doctor, lawyer, or represent any entity outside westcoastmeshfighter, using as much royalty free content in my blog, social media, and vlogs on my YouTube channel.  Everything that I talk about, is from my own experiences. I will be adding a link to my YouTube channel.

How to stay focused and productive

As you all know, I am doing a docuseries on Pain Management.  What a long road it’s been trying to fight for my healthcare, pain management control, all because I suffer with severe pelvic & colon pain.  It hurts so much, that I started to lose hope that I could get it under control.  Please tune in, starting this Thursday, As I will be discussing controversial points, re:  access to pain medication, access to pain management and so much more.

Thank you all so much, I couldn’t do this without you.

Michelle Hedgcoth, Westcoastmeshfighter 2019

To follow please go to my YouTube Channel:  – Westcoastmeshfighter

Vlog Docuseries: Coming soon

Hello Everyone and welcome to westcoastmeshfighter, stuck between two worlds living with a Vaginal Mesh Implant.  Of course, I always post a disclaimer that everything I talk about is based on my own experiences, with no copywrite infringement intended, I am a patient and live with underlining side effects since I had my orginal surgery.

I just wanted to formally post, I am working on a new Vlog Docuseries, along with other updates coming soon.  This last year I have been battling Chronic Hives, size of welts.

I thought they were gone for good, but just recently, they started up again.  I know with spring coming so soon after a lot of rain, the allergy season is already upon us.  I called in for an updated EPI pen, crossing my fingers that comes quickly.  I also am working on a new docuseries where I will be impromptu vlogging and it’s going to be very different from any video’s I have done before.

I will keep everyone posted on my progress with my Journey, attempting to beat mesh, I try as hard as I can to take better care of myself, however I am mom too.  My children are very helpful, they are older now, so having them with us is a blessing.  Thank you all for your continued support, I couldn’t do this without you.  Stay Strong Mesh Warriors

Mesh Implant Patient & Humanatarian
Living with Mesh Complication, Chronic Pain, Chronic infections, and More
Michelle Hedgcoth, westcoastmeshfighter

all rights reserved, WCMF 2019

2019 Announcements & Updates Living with a TVM

wcmf Disclosure 2019

Hello and Welcome to Westcoastmeshfighter, Stuck Between two Worlds living with a Transvaginal Mesh Implant.  I always start each blog post with a disclaimer that I am not a doctor, lawyer, or legal representative, I am a Patient living with complications due to a Transvaginal Mesh Implant.

It’s so hard to believe it’s February and I am finally able to post my first blog post of 2019.  There is so much to discuss, so I am going to get right to it.

My hive’s are finally gone completely, in 2018 it seemed to never end, either it was an antibiotic or a shellfish allergic reaction.  I am not allergic to a few more antibiotic’s.  I am working on a new blog post specifically about Medications affected because I had Mesh.
I also announced on 2/2/2019 that I was stepping down as Secretary for Mesh Awareness Pacific M-A-P.  The demands of this position just became too much, when I am fighting infection after infections, severe chronic pelvic and rectal pain.  I will be getting into some sensitive information, just to warn everyone before you proceed with reading.

change is inevitable

I know that biofilms and chronic infections go hand in hand. I keep getting UTI’s and Bacterial Infections, with each antibiotic I become resistant too, the harder it will become for me to fight it off. I would by lying if I said I wasn’t scared. This reality is proven everyday, every mesh patient I interact with, I keep seeing it more and more.
What can we do if there isn’t any resources for Mesh Implanted Patients. The manufacturer taking little to no responsibility for what this is causing Mesh Patients. I know how hard it was when I was on state assistance, no more car, no more family vacations, the fun Christmas’s and holidays. Mesh took all of that away, so I want to work on a more local level, helping connections with resources here in my area.
I am extremely hopeful , as we unify together with one voice, that with medical science innovation, support groups, and the sharing of information, that we can help others, who may be feeling alone, betrayed, in sadness. It’s a horrible way to feel, we are sensitive already from all the medical complications. Until Next Time, Stay Strong Mesh Warriors!!!
Part of my Journey was shared with The New York Times, regarding settled cases, along with several other Patients. Please go and read this important story. Thank You.



Mum-of-two with vaginal mesh implant can feel it CUTTING her internal organs like a ‘cheese wire’ — The Scottish Sun

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A MUM claims she can feel her vaginal mesh implant cutting into her internal organs like a “cheese wire”. Susan Morgan, 60, said she has been left feeling suicidal at times due to the agony she’s suffered as a result of the surgery. The mum-of-two decided to have the op almost a decade ago so […]

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Film Review – The Bleeding Edge (2018) — MovieBabble

Netflix is definitely a top contender in the film industry today. They are widely becoming known for churning out quality programing. Indeed, this quality extends past their show and movie platform and feeds into the documentary scene. I was expecting something great when I saw The Bleeding Edge pop up in my feed, and I was […]

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