Where do I go from here? Continuing to navigate through California’s Complicated Disability Process and Doctors, Emergency Rooms, and Life as I know it disabled from a Transvaginal Mesh Implant.

Hello and welcome to Part 3 of my journey through the downfall of my previous life and coming into my new one.  (Of course this didn’t make anything any easier).  I didn’t understand what was happening in a full scope.  I will say this right away, Mental Health is real and serious If you don’t… Read More

Mesh Hacks, Blogging & Vlogging Relieve with trial and error living with a Transvaginal Mesh Implant

(Graphics found on Google) Hello and Good Evening/Morning and welcome to Manic Monday.  It has been a very Manic Monday, my chronic pain is so bad I know it’s going to be hard to go to sleep.  By the time anyone reads this, it will be Tuesday.  I have been a bit behind lately on… Read More

How becoming an Advocate for TVM Patients, may have saved my Emotional Life.

Hello and Good Evening/Morning and welcome to Sundays and Small talk, where I am stuck between two worlds living with Transvaginal Mesh.  I hope everyone is well and looking forward to watching the Eclipse tonight and tomorrow.  I spent some down time this weekend as I haven’t been feeling as well as I would like. … Read More

Why do I have energy at times when I can rest, but when I rest I have too much energy?

  Hello and Good Morning/Evening and Welcome to Afterthoughts, (WCMF).  Since I missed Manic Monday and was late with Sundays and Smalltalk, I thought that talking about chronic pain and fatigue would be a great topic, plus, some things I try to do to make my nights rest as comfortable as possible.   The last… Read More

What kind of healthcare should I expect now that I am on Medi-Cal?

Hello and Good Evening/Morning to everyone and welcome back to Afterthoughts, westcoastmeshfighter.  Stuck between two worlds living with a Transvaginal Mesh Implant.  The last few weeks have been tough, I personally felt like my heart strings were being pulled so hard, that maybe I couldn’t take it, also dealing with my conditions and trying to… Read More

How learning how to rediscover loving and appreciating little moments living with a Transvaginal Mesh Implant.

Hello and Welcome to Manic Monday, I hope everyone is having a great Monday so far.  My Monday reminded me of times that when I had the ability to take our family on trips and enjoy life.  Now everything has changed, from how we spend our days, to life in general.  Going through a severe… Read More