How Monday’s used to be my most disliked day, living with a Transvaginal Mesh Implant? Welcome to Manic Monday!!!!

Hello and Good Evening/Morning to everyone, I hope you all are doing well!  We made it through another Monday and I used to think Monday’s were my most horrific days.  I don’t know if it’s just a mindset where you wake up with and automatically your like “ugh it’s Monday”.  There are so many examples… Read More

How do I create a new happy adjusted life living with Transvaginal Mesh limitations?

Hello Good Evening/Morning to everyone and welcome to Afterthoughts, for Westcoastmeshfighter.  Tonight’s subject is about your self worth and work.  Most of us were different people, with different outlooks about our life and what we wanted it to be.  Then the mesh implants started to cause severe pelvic pain, constipation, infections, auto immune disorder, mesh revisional, physical Therapy… Read More

How I started to focus on what I can’t do discovering what I can do living with Transvaginal Mesh and Chronic Pain.

Hello Everyone, Good Evening and Morning to you and Once again it’s Monday already, well almost Tuesday.  I started last night with talking a little about Depression, Anxiety and how to just cope with all the emotions we have to face, however I realized a little too late how tired I was.  I didn’t get… Read More

Hot Summer Friday Nights living with Transvaginal Mesh?

Hello and Good Evening/Morning and Welcome to Afterthoughts, West Coast Mesh Fighter.  After a long week, I am happy to blog and talk about this heat wave we are having here in California.  It is ridiculous hot and staying in a temperature controlled room is imperative now because when I get too hot or too cold, everything… Read More

Becoming a Master of my Soul!

Hello & Good Evening/Morning to everyone.  I know I said I would blog tonight, so since I am running behind on time, I will keep this blog post relatively short.  I woke up a few months ago with this idea, to connect with other people who are experiencing what I am going through. Where I… Read More