Chronic Pain: Swimming Therapy — Looking For The Light

Most people don’t think of Mental Illness when discussing Chronic Pain. Mental Illness can be physically debilitating with many spending large amounts of time in bed. For someone like me who is challenged by both, daily life can be difficult. Today I’m in bed…

Mum-of-two with vaginal mesh implant can feel it CUTTING her internal organs like a ‘cheese wire’ — The Scottish Sun

Please read and share A MUM claims she can feel her vaginal mesh implant cutting into her internal organs like a “cheese wire”. Susan Morgan, 60, said she has been left feeling suicidal at times due to the agony she’s suffered as a result…

Film Review – The Bleeding Edge (2018) — MovieBabble

Netflix is definitely a top contender in the film industry today. They are widely becoming known for churning out quality programing. Indeed, this quality extends past their show and movie platform and feeds into the documentary scene. I was expecting something great when I…

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